Download KEY-Tool 5.7 (Samsung Unlock) Latest Update 15/11/23

Deepak Potalwad

KEY-Tool 5.7 (Samsung Unlock) Latest Update 15/11/23 Download Here

Hii Friends Here Is An New Update Of Key Tool (Key Tool V5.7) With New Features Added In It For Samsung Devices, In This Key Tool V5.7 You Get More Efficient Way To Unlock Your Samsung Device  And Some Bugs Are Fixed To Unlock Samsung Devices Directly Such As List Given As Belove,

KEY-Tool 5.7 Samsung Unlock

The KEY-Tool 5.7, with its latest update on 15/11/23, stands out as a reliable and user-friendly solution,This KEY-Tool 5.7 is known for its reliability in unlocking Samsung devices or device functionality.

KEY-Tool 5.7 Unlock Direct Samsung Devices

Download KEY-Tool 5.7 Latest Update 15/11/23 (Samsung Unlock)

Older Version Features Of KEY-Tool V5.6

Security Patch 2023 May,June,July,Aug
No Need Root or Combination Any More

Direct UnLock Samsung Sprint Devices

  • SM-A600P Binary[9]
  • SM-A215U Binary[5>B]
  • SM-A215U1 Binary[5>B]
  • SM-A115U Binary[5>9]
  • SM-A115U1 Binary[5>9]
  • SM-A025U Binary[2>3]
  • SM-A025U1 Binary[2>3]

Reset MCK Code, New Sec 2023 May>Aug
Restore Security, New Sec 2023 May>Aug

Direct UnLock Samsung [AIO/ATT/XAA]

  1. SM-A115AP Binary[5>8]
  2. SM-A115AZ Binary[5>A]
  3. SM-A015A Binary[5>9]
  4. SM-A015AZ Binary[5>9]

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