Download FREE UFT SAM FRP Tool V1.0 New Security Update

Deepak Potalwad

UFT SAM FRP New Security Tool V1.0 UFT SAM FRP New Security Patch Tool 2023

Key Features:

  • FRP Bypass From Test Mode (New Security Supported)
  • Say goodbye to FRP lock hassles with the enhanced capability to bypass FRP from devices with new security measures. UFT SAM FRP Tool V1.0 makes it seamless!

Change In CSC

Unlock a new level of customization by easily changing the CSC on your Samsung device. Tailor your smartphone experience to suit your preferences effortlessly.

No Internet Needed

Enjoy the flexibility of using the UFT SAM FRP Tool V1.0 without the need for an internet connection. Your security and customization are in your hands, offline!


  • Samsung Smartphone
  • Formatted from Recovery Mode (for PIN or pattern lock)
  • USB Cable
  • Test Mode Working Device (#0#)

Download Link:

Access the zip file from the provided link.
Unzip all files to the ‘C’ drive (ensure it’s at the root level).


Disable antivirus software before installation.
Open the folder and install the setup file following basic instructions.

Run UFT Sam FRP Tool Loader V1.0
Always run with admin access.

Device Preparation:

If stuck with PIN/pattern lock, go to recovery mode and factory reset your smartphone.
Access the setup wizard screen, go to emergency dial mode, and dial “#0#”.

FRP Bypass:

Open the tool interface and click on “Bypass FRP” button.
Follow on-screen instructions to complete the process and remove FRP from your device.

Driver Installation:

Install all drivers (skip if already installed).
Connect the phone and test any function.

Enjoy the Freedom:

Your device is now free from FRP restrictions. Customize and enjoy a seamless smartphone experience!

Stay ahead in Samsung device security and customization with the UFT SAM FRP New Security Tool V1.0. Download now and experience the difference! #SamsungSecurity FRPBypass CustomizationMatters UFTSAMFRPTool

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