UMTv2/UMTPro UltimateMTKv2 0.8 Preloader Mode

Deepak Potalwad

                                  Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus in Preloader Mode

Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus in Preloader Mode

What's New:

Added New Preloader Exploit Method

  • - Supported Chipsets:
  • - INFINIX (MT6739/61/63/65/68/81/85/MT6833/77/93)
  • - INFINIX MT6765 [1]
  • - INFINIX MT6768 [1]
  • - INFINIX MT6768 [2]
  • - SAMS MT6765 [A03S]
  • - SAMS MT6765 [A04E]
  • - SAMS MT6765 [A04]
  • - SAMS MT6833
  • - VIVO (MT6761/63/65/68/71/81/85/MT6833/53/73/77/85/93)

Tested devices:

  • - Infinix Smart 7 (X6515)
  • - OnePlus Nord 2 5G
  • - OnePlus Nord 2 CE 5G
  • - Tecno Pop 7 Pro (BF7)
  • - Vivo V21 5G (PD2083F)
  • - Vivo V23 5G (PD2167)
  • - Vivo V23e (PD2159F)
  • - Vivo Y12s (PD2036F)
  • - Vivo Y16 (PD2216F)
  • - Vivo Y17 (PD1901F)
  • - Vivo Y1s (PD2014F)
  • - Vivo Y20s (PD2066F)

Supported Functions:

  • - Firmware Read/Write
  • - Security Read/Write
  • - RPMB Read/Write
  • - Vivo Security Repair
Custom DA (CUST_DA) Option
  • - You can select own DA if needed to use with PL_EXPLOIT.
  • - Be informed, that DA must be from same vendor, as Generic DA may not work.
  • - PL_EXPLOIT will work even if DA from vendor has read only access.
Added Fix Recovery Option
  • - Use this function to fix phones stuck in recovery mode after Safe Format
Updated Safe Format Method
  • - There should not be anymore recovery issue.
  • - If you face issue, just use Fix Recovery option from Format functions
  • - You can use Format userdata instead on such phones.

Important Notes:

  • - You can flash the device with both BROM and Preloader mode
  • - If default DA does not work, use your own DA in the custom DA
  • - Force BROM may not work on new security, use Test Point instead
  • - When using Test Point, you must select Preloader in PL (not needed when flashing)
  • - If you need to connect the device in Preloader mode, you must select PRELOADER in connection settings, otherwise, software will try to Crash Preloader (may not work on new security devices)

Note: Some features are device/OS specific and may not work on all devices.


Our ESN/MEID/IMEI repair service is designed to restore the original ESN/MEID/IMEI that is written on the phone's back label or box. We do not endorse or support altering the ESN/MEID/IMEI, as it is against the law. Users are responsible for ensuring that they do not engage in any illegal activities using the features provided in our software, including but not limited to manipulating ESN/MEID/IMEI.

Users who employ our software for illegal activities will be held solely responsible. We strongly condemn any unlawful use of our software.

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