Download FREE Infinix GSM Unlock Tool 2023 FRP Bypass IMEI Repair Software V3.0

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Unlock Infinix Devices with Ease Using Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0 (Latest Update)

Unlock Infinix Device

Performing operations on your MTK Infinix device has never been easier with the Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0. The program simplifies tasks such as unlocking, removing FRP (Factory Reset Protection), formatting, bootloader management, and IMEI repair. Stay up-to-date with the latest features and learn how to use this tool effectively.

What’s New in Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0?

  • Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0 brings a host of enhancements, making it even more versatile for Infinix device users. Here are the key updates:
  • Added Support for New Models: The tool now supports the latest Infinix models, including the Hot 11 Play. Stay up to date and unlock your device, no matter the model.
  • Improved IMEI Repair: Enjoy improved IMEI repair functionality, ensuring that your device’s identity is restored effectively.
  • Enhanced Maui META Tool Options: The update introduces new options to the Maui META tool, enhancing your device management capabilities.

How to Utilize Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0

To unlock an Infinix device, one can follow these simple steps:

- Connect the device to a computer in preloader or BROM mode.

- Launch the Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0 on the computer.

- Select the desired operation from the tool's menu.

- Follow the clear and easy-to-understand on-screen instructions provided by the tool to complete the task.

Infinix GSM Unlock Tool 2023 Notable Features at a Glance

Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0 is packed with features designed to meet your unlocking needs. Here are some of its notable functionalities:Erase ALL FRP: Remove Factory Reset Protection for a clean slate.

  • Format Unlock: Unlock your device with ease.
  • Unlock Bootloader: Gain control over your device’s bootloader.
  • Maui META Inbuilt: Access Maui META tool functions conveniently within the tool.
  • IMEI Repair: Repair your device’s IMEI hassle-free.

with Infinix GSM Unlock Tool 2023 Unlock Your Infinix Device Today

Ready to unlock your Infinix device? Download the Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0 here (Size: 170.8 MB).

Infinix GSM Unlock Tool 2023 Login Credentials:



Discover all of the incredible features of your Infinix smartphone or tablet by easily unlocking it. Keep your device up-to-date and take full advantage of its capabilities. Check out the comprehensive list of Infinix device models compatible with Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0 below.

Hot Series:

  • 1. X507
  • 2. X510
  • 3. X521
  • 4. X551
  • 5. X5511
  • 6. X553
  • 7. X554
  • 8. X556
  • 9. X557
  • 10. X559
  • 11. X624
  • 12. X624B
  • 13. X650
  • 14. X650B
  • 15. X657B
  • 16. X680
  • 17. X682C
  • 18. X662
  • 19. X6817
  • 20. X6816C
  • 21. HOT 11 Play

Note Series:

  • 1. X571
  • 2. X572
  • 3. X600
  • 4. X601
  • 5. X604
  • 6. X605
  • 7. X610B
  • 8. X683
  • 9. X692
  • 10. X690B
  • 11. X690
  • 12. X693
  • 13. X695
  • 14. X695D

Smart Series:

  • 1. X612B
  • 2. X612
  • 3. X5010
  • 4. X5514
  • 5. X5514D
  • 6. X5515
  • 7. X5515F
  • 8. X55158
  • 9. X609
  • 10. X627
  • 11. X653
  • 12. X663
  • 13. X657
  • 14. X657C
  • 15. X657B
  • 16. X6823C
  • 17. X6823

Zero Series:

  • 1. X506
  • 2. X509
  • 3. X552
  • 4. X602
  • 5. X603
  • 6. X687
  • 7. X687B

Auto Series:

  • 1. P101
  • 2. X1000
  • 3. X503
  • 4. X522
  • 5. X570
  • 6. X626B
  • 7. X801

The provided list includes models from different Infinix series, and the tool supports those specific models. If you have any of the listed Infinix devices, you can use the Infinix GSM Unlock Tool v3.0 for various operations, as mentioned earlier.

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Repair IMEI on Your Infinix Device

IMEI Repair for Infinix Devices

Step 1: Open Maui META Tool

Start by waiting until the Maui META tool opens on your computer. This tool is essential for repairing the IMEI on your Infinix device.

Step 2: Reconnect Your Device

Click on the “Reconnect” button within the Maui META tool. This action prepares your device for the IMEI repair process.

Step 3: Connect Your Device

Ensure your Infinix device is active and powered on, then connect it to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 4: Put Your Device in Meta Mode

Turn off your Infinix device and then press and hold the Volume Up button.

Continue holding the Volume Up button until your device enters Meta Mode. This mode is crucial for IMEI repair.

Step 5: Confirm Meta Mode

Verify that your device is in Meta Mode.

Step 6: Reconnect Your Device (Again)

Within the Maui META tool, click the “Reconnect” button once more. This step is essential for detecting your device.

Step 7: Select IMEI Download

In the left menu of the Maui META tool, locate and select “IMEI Download.” This selection will lead to a new dialogue menu.

Step 8: Upload From Flash

Click on “Upload From Flash” within the dialogue menu that appears.

Confirm your action by clicking “Yes” when prompted.

Step 9: Enter IMEI for Sim_1

Navigate to the “Sim_1” menu and enter the IMEI for your device.

Step 10: Start IMEI Repair

Click “Download To Flash” to initiate the IMEI repair process. This step is crucial for resolving IMEI issues.

Step 11: Wait for Successful Completion

Patiently wait until the IMEI To Flash download process is successfully completed.

Step 12: Repeat for Sim_2

If necessary, the IMEI repair process can be repeated for Sim_2. This detailed guide outlines the correct tools and steps required to repair the IMEI on an Infinix device using the Maui META tool. By following these steps, users can ensure that their Infinix device is fully operational and properly connected.

Download Infinix GSM Unlock Tool V3.0 

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