XRB XIAOMI RSA BETA tool V4.12 2024 (Hardware Repair Assistance)

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Download Xiaomi RSA Beta Tool V4.12 Hardware Repair Assistance 2024

A(caps)s We Know The XIAOMI RSA BETA Tool V4.12 is a complete tool designed to serve a wide range of Xiaomi devices. This tool is extremely useful for all Xiaomi users and technicians working with Xiaomi devices.

XRB XIAOMI RSA BETA tool V4.12 2024 (Hardware Repair Assistance)

K(caps)ey Features of XIAOMI RSA BETA Tool V4.12:

RSA Bypass: The tool supports a wide range of Xiaomi models for RSA bypass1.

Original RSA Resistance HW MP Values: Each development name of the device has its own resistance value. For instance, the resistance value for ‘Fog’ is 100K, ‘Spending’ is 33K, ‘Munch’ is 0.9M, and so on.
RSA Beta Tool V4.12 Hardware Repair Assistance

Here’s the complete list of  Device Model Development and its resistance value

  • Fog=100K
  • Spending=33K
  • Munch=0.9M
  • Rock=43K
  • RockP=43K
  • Dandelion = 100K
  • Dandelion C312 =100K
  • Angelica =100K
  • Angelican=100K
  • Ruby =24K
  • Sweetk6a=12K
  • Sweet=56K
  • Sweetin=24K
  • Selene=100K
  • Selene = 100K
  • Ice=100K
  • Snow=100K
  • Onc=10K
  • Olive =12k
  • Lancelot=100K
  • Lime/Lemon=10k
  • Fogin 8G=33K
  • Earth=43K
  • Sunny=33K
  • Fly=100K
  • Gauguin = 12K
  • Price = 150k
  • Agate=120K
  • Star=150K
  • Lisa=360K
  • Renoir=0.6M
  • Aloith=176K
  • Vayu=80K
  • Water=100k
  • Cloud=100K
  • Want = 12K
  • Can = 12K
  • Biloba=100K
  • Davinci=563K
  • Ringgo = 24K

How to Use XIAOMI RSA BETA Tool V4.12?

  1. Download the XIAOMI RSA BETA Tool from the appropriate source.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to a specific location on your computer.
  3. Run the tool as an administrator.
  4. Connect your device to your computer and choose the desired task.

Please note that this tool is designed for experienced technicians and repair centers to fix hardware issues on certain Xiaomi devices1. Always ensure to follow the correct procedures and safety guidelines when using this tool.

Each model has its own resistance value next to it. These values are crucial for the tool to function correctly. Please ensure to use the correct value for your specific model. Happy unlocking

XRB XIAOMI RSA BETA tool V4.12 2024 (Hardware Repair Assistance)

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