Tira Unlocker V7.3.1 Download Free With 20 Credit New Update

Deepak Potalwad

Download Tira Unlocker V7.3.1 With Free 20 Credit New Update

The latest version of Tira Unlocker is now available for free, and some users can receive 20 extra credit offers. This update includes new unlocking features for Qualcomm, Unisoc/SPD, Samsung, LG, and Motorola devices. It also includes new features for network repair, IMEI repair, QCN data backup and restoration, and SPC reset. LG devices have been updated with new features such as factory resets, reading information in both download and normal modes, and automatic download mode activation. Additionally, Unisoc/SPD devices can reset user data and FRP, unlock and relock the bootloader, read and write Rpmb, write IMEI, and unlock the SIM network. The update includes new features for 4G devices, offering free 4G internet installation for all Qualcomm devices. Please note that this update is only intended for Yemeni users.

Download Tira Unlocker V7.3.1 With Free 20 Credit New Update

Supported Models Without Ask Code

  • SM-A125U all carriers
  • SM-A125W all carriers
  • SM-A215U CHA - CCT - APP - ATT
  • SM-A215U CHA - CCT - APP - ATT
  • SM-A136U CHA - CCT - APP - ATT
  • SM-A215W all carriers
  • SM-A326U CHA - CCT - APP - ATT
  • SM-A136W all carriers
  • SM-T227U CHA - CCT - APP - ATT
  • SM-A326W all carriers
  • SM-S134DL all carriers
  • SM-S215DL all carriers
  • SM-S127DL all carriers
  • SM-S136DL all carriers
  • SM-S326DL all carriers
  • SM-A137F all carriers
  • SM-A136B all carriers
  • SM-A226B all carriers
  • SM-A226BR all carriers
  • SM-A326B all carriers
  • SM-A326BR all carriers
  • SM-A326K all carriers
  • SM-M326B all carriers
  • SM-A013F all carriers
  • SM-A013G all carriers
  • SM-A013M all carriers
  • SM-A226L all carriers
  • SM-A315G all carriers
  • SM-E426B all carriers
  • SM-A315F all carriers
  • SM-A315N all carriers
  • SM-A125M all carriers
  • SM-A125N all carriers
  • SM-A125F all carriers
  • SM-A415F all carriers
  • SM-A325N all carriers
  • SM-A325F all carriers
  • SM-A325G all carriers
  • SM-A225F all carriers
  • SM-A225M all carriers

Features of Tira Unlocker

  • Read Info [ADB]
  • Read Info [Fastboot]
  • Read Info [Brom]
  • Read Info [Meta]
  • Bypass MDM
  • Enable Diag By Modem [Verzion]
  • Enable Hidden Menu By Port [Verzion]

Unlock Functions:

- Add Unlock Motorola Sprint Devices

XT1056 - XT1103 - XT1548 - XT1575 - XT1766 - XT1776 - XT1789-3 - XT1922-7 - XT2005-4

XT2093-3 - XT2043-4 - XT2045-3 - XT2052-6 - XT2071-5 - XT2113-2 - XT2115-1

- Add Unlock Samsung Sprint Devices

Supported To patch Security 01-07-2021

- Add Samsung Unlock Brom

List of supported Vivo phones for operations (Fastboot operations):

  •  Vivo IQOO 9 (PD2171)
  •  Vivo IQOO 9 Pro (PD2172)
  •  Vivo IQOO Neo 5S (PD2154)
  •  Vivo IQOO Neo 6 (PD2196)
  •  Vivo IQOO U3X (PD2106)
  •  Vivo IQOO Z5 (PD2148)
  •  Vivo IQOO 7 (PD2049)
  •  Vivo IQOO 7 Legend (PD2049F)
  •  Vivo IQOO 8 (PD2136)
  •  Vivo IQOO 8 Pro (PD2141)
  •  Vivo S1 Pro (PD1945F)
  •  Vivo T1 5G (PD2115)
  •  Vivo V15 Pro (PD1832F)
  •  Vivo V17 (PD1948F)
  •  Vivo Y51 2020 (PD2050F)
  •  Vivo Y51A 2020 (PD2050F)
  •  Vivo Y52S T1 (PD2112B)
  •  Vivo Y53S 5G (PD2111-PD2111B)
  •  Vivo Y72 5G (PD2112F)
  •  Vivo V20 Pro Plus (PD2056F)
  •  Vivo V21e 5G (PD2102F)
  •  Vivo V21e V2061 (PD2107F)
  •  Vivo X Fold (PD2178)
  •  Vivo X Note (PD2170)
  •  Vivo X60 Pro Plus (PD2056)
  •  Vivo X60T Pro Plus (PD2056)
  •  Vivo X70 Pro Plus (PD2145)
  •  Vivo X80 Pro (PD2185)
  •  Vivo Y21T (PD2142F)
  •  Vivo Y21T (PD2158F)
  •  Vivo Y31 2021 (PD2050F)
  •  Vivo Y31S (PD2054)
  •  Vivo Y31S T2 (PD2092)

MediaTek Functions:

- Add Patch Orange State 

Supported Brands :

MEIZU Coolpad Lenovo Infinix

Supported Chipsets :

  • MT6762
  • MT6763
  • MT6765
  • MT6768
  • MT6771
  • MT6755
  • MT6761
  • MT6761V
  • MT6761WAB
  • MT6739
  • MT6739V
  • MT6739WW
  • MT6771C
  • MT6771V
  • MT6779
  • MT6785
  • MT6833 [Dimensity 700 5G]
  • MT6853 [Dimensity 720 5G]
  • MT6873 [Dimensity 800 5G]
  • MT6877 [Dimensity 900 5G]
  • MT6883 [Dimensity 800]
  • MT6885 [Dimensity 1000L]
  • MT6889 [Dimensity 1000]
  • MT6891 [Dimensity 1100 5G]
  • MT6893 [Dimensity 1200 5G]

Qualcomm Functions:


Repair Network

- Send SPC/PWD

- Repair Network
- Backup/Restore QCN

- Repair IMEI 1,2 [Normal, EFS Method]

- Repair MEID [Normal ,EFS Method]

- Repair ESN [Normal, EFS Method]

- Repair Banner, Roam Config RUIM Config

- SW/HW Version [Normal, EFS Method]

NV Advanced Options

- Read /Write NV/NVF Files By Diag

- Read /Write NV/NVF Files to PC

- Patcher UI And Editor For Converting Files and patch Data Easy

- Reset SPC

- DFU 2 EDL ZTE Devices

All Qualcomm flasher operations are free, but activation requires 15 credits in your account.

LG Functions

-Auto Switch Mobile to Download

-Read Info Normal /Download Mode

-Factory Reset By Download Mode [FREE]

-Remove FRP MTK Devices

Supported Devices to FRP Remove :

  • LG-SP200,LG-SP320,LM-X410FCW
  • LM-Q710RA,LM-Q710YAW,LM-Q710BAW
  • LM-Q710YBW,LM-Q710EM,LM-Q710YMW
  • LM-Q710FA,LM-Q710ZA,LM-Q710FM
  • LM-Q710ZM,LM-Q710HS,LM-X320PM
  • LM-Q710GX,LM-Q710HSW,LM-Q710NAW
  • LG Carrier TO SPR - [ Brom Mode ]

Q730 - K500 Only

Do not use the feature

LG Carrier To SPR

If the phone model is Q730A Cricket

Unisoc/SPD Function:

  • Added Unisoc [SPD] Protocol
  • Added Direct Unlock SIM Network 
  • Added Read Firmware 
  • Added Write Firmware [.pac] 
  • Added Reset FRP 
  • Added Reset User Data 
  • Added Unlock Bootloader
  • Added Relock Bootloader
  • Added Read Rpmb
  • Added Write Rpmb
  • Added Write IMEI
  • Supported +2000 Models

Supported CPU Soc's: 

  • SC7731E
  • SC9832E
  • SC9863A
  • SC9863A_64
  • Tiger T310_64
  • Tiger T610_64
  • Tiger T612_64
  • Tiger T616_64
  • Tiger T606_64
  • Tiger T700_64

4G Functions:

- Automatic installation of free 4G Internet for all Qualcomm Devices
- This Interface is Intended For Users From Yemen Only

4G Interface  V5

Added Auto Install 4G Settings
Added Remove policeman
Added Fix Network Redmi 9T lime
Added Force Stop Replace 4G Settings
Added Enable LTE Bands 3,20,28
Added Enable CDMA Bands
Added Enable Xiaomi Diag
List of supported devices 4G Auto Install settings


sm-n975u || sm-g960u
sm-g965u || sm-n970u
sm-n950u || sm-n9750
sm-n986u || sm-g950u
sm-g973u || sm-g977u
sm-g991u || sm-n9600
sm-g9500 || sm-n9500
sm-j327r7 || sm-j3119
sm-j3119s || sm-n976u
sm-n976v || sm-a426u
sm-f926u || sm-g781u
sm-g6200 || sm-c7000
sm-c9000 || sm-g6100
sm-g8870 || sm-a7070
sm-a6060 || sm-g997u
sm-g992u || sm-g996u
sm-g998u || sm-a115u
sm-a115a || sm-s115dl
sm-g930p || sm-g990u

olive Redmi 8
olivelite Redmi 8A
ginkgo Redmi Note 8 
Platina Mi 8 Lite/Youth
lime Redmi 9T
star Mi 11 Pro/Ultra
phoenix Redmi K30 4G/Pocophone X2
gauguin Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite
gauguinpro Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G
redwood Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed
Ingres Redmi K50 Gaming
lavender Redmi Note 7
Violet Redmi Note 7 Pro
river Redmi 12 5G


LDN-L21 HUAWEI Y7 Prime 2018
ATU-L31 HUAWEI Y6 Prime 2018

Vivo Y35
Vivo Y36
Vivo Y22S
Vivo Y21T
Vivo Y20S

C3750 LT Note 10 M
C3600 LT P20


China Mobile

One Plus

OnePlus 8T 5G
OnePlus 9 PRO 5G

XT-1924-XX All Carrier
XT-2131-XX All Carrier
XT-2043-XX All Carrier
XT-2093-XX All Carrier
XT-2115-XX All Carrier
XT-2117-XX All Carrier
XT-2113-XX All Carrier

What's new

Tira Unlocker V.7.3.1

Unlock Sim | Bypass | Flasher

Update V.7.3.1


Fix Remove FRP EDL

Fix Remove FRP Samsung EDL

Supported Models Without Ask Code

- Add LG Unlock Brom

- Add Change CSC Samsung

- Add FRP MTP Samsung

- Add Unlock Sim Brom mode

Supported Brands:

  • Alcatel-TCL REVVL 4
  • Alcatel 5007W
  • Alcatel 5007W
  • Alcatel 5007B
  • Alcatel 5007Z
  • Alcatel 5007

Functions Fastboot

- Add Read Mobile Info

- Add Bypass Mi-Account [.TMZ]

- Add Remove FRP 

- Add Erase Presist

- Add Flash Motorola [.XML]

- Add Xiaomi FastBoot Flasher [.BAT]

- Added Vivo Fastboot operations: 

1- unlock Bootloader Vivo

2- remove FRP & Demo Vivo

3- Reboot EDL Vivo

4- Format userdata Vivo

5- Relock Bootloader Vivo 

Download Tira Unlocker V7.3.1 With Free 20 

Download File

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