Android Utility Tool PRO (AUTP) Update [v132.00.2833:13:03:2024] Download

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Android Utility Tool PRO (AUTP) latest Update [v132.00.2833:13:03:2024]

"Android Utility PRO (AUP) 2024 is a mobile unlocking and repairing tool designed specifically for devices with MTK chipsets. It is a powerful tool that can unlock any lock from FRP unlock of your phone to Samsung FRP unlock. With this tool, you can easily unlock Samsung FRP without any hassle."

Android Utility Tool PRO (AUTP) Update [v132.00.2833:13:03:2024] Download


Android Utility V132 is an updated version of Android Utility PRO 2024, which provides a range of features for unlocking and repairing various mobile devices, especially those with MTK (MediaTek) chipsets. Below is a breakdown of its features:

What is Android Utility V132 

The Android Utility PRO tool is an essential tool in the GSM sector. It is especially useful if you need to bypass MTK Auth. With this tool, you can perform several tasks, including MTK factory reset, Mi account unlocks, Samsung FRP unlock, and other unlocking and repairing procedures. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for any GSM technician.

Qualcomm Protocol:

  • Flash firmware
  • Read XML Firmware
  • Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection)
  • Factory Reset
  • Remove Samsung KG (Knox Guard)
  • Read-Write-Erase Partitions
  • Bypass Systemui (Screenlock Beta)
  • Restore Systemui (Screenlock Beta)
  • Remove ScreenLock unencrypted
  • Read Pattern unencrypted
  • Online Database Auto Loaders
  • Daily Updates database

MTK Protocol:

  • Flash firmware
  • Read Scatter
  • Remove FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Remove HWID
  • Bypass Mi-Account
  • Read-Write-Erase Partitions
  • Read-Write-Erase RPMB
  • Change KG Samsung
  • Samsung Force to Brom

Support for various MTK chips:

  • MT6739, MT6739W, MT6761, MT6763, MT6761V, MT6762, MT6765, MT6768, MT6771, MT6779, MT6785

Added FRP Remove for MTK Devices:

  • Lists various Samsung models including A32, A14, A01 Core, A02, A03s, A10s, A12, A21, A22, F22, F42, M01 Core, M01s, M02, M13, M32, M53, A04, A13, A15, A05.
  • Samsung Flasher:

  • Auto-select firmware
  • Allow partial flashing
  • Read info from the firmware
  • Single/Multi FW loading
  • Select/Deselect All

Unlock/Relock Bootloader:

  • For Alcatel, LG, ZTE, Xiaomi, and others

App Manager:

  • Load apps with their icons and names
  • Manage user, system, disabled, and enabled apps
  • Enable/disable apps, clear data, uninstall, dump apps from phone, install APKs, get activity, remove carrier-specific apps

Samsung Services:

  • Change CSC, Bypass FRP (MTP), Open Diag Menu, Open PreConfig, Open IMS Settings, Open APN Settings

Xiaomi Services:

  • Flash Stock Firmware [BAT]
  • Enable Diag Generic Without Root
  • Enable Diag Generic With Root
  • Read Info [SideLoad]
  • Wipe Data [SideLoad]
  • Qualcomm Generic Services
  • EFS Explorer [Read/Write/Delete/Explorer]
  • Read/Write NV Data [NV/NVF/QCN]
  • Read/Write QCN
  • Read/Reset SPC

Overall, Android Utility V132 seems to be a comprehensive tool for mobile unlocking and repair, catering to a wide range of device models and chipsets.

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