MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool for MediaTek Base Smartphones Free Download

Deepak Potalwad

MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool for MediaTek Base Smartphones Free Download

MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool is a friendly utility tool for Windows computers modified to address various issues faced on MediaTek-based smartphones. This tool serves as a complete solution for resolving software bugs and includes a range of new utility features. Best of all, it's now available for free download, allowing users to utilize its functions user-friendly, without the need for installation.

MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool for MediaTek Base Smartphones Free Download

MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool for MediaTek

The MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool stands as a reliable companion for MediaTek smartphone users, offering a convenient and effective solution for software troubleshooting and optimization. Unlock the full potential of your device and experience enhanced performance with this utility Tool.

Highlighted Features:

Format Factory + FRP: One-click formatting and FRP lock remove.

Format Old Type: Compatibility with older device models for formatting.

Safe Format Keep Data: Formatting without data loss.

Erase FRP: Removal of FRP lock post factory reset.

Erase FRP New OS: FRP lock removal on devices with newer operating systems.

Erase FRP (Samsung Test Point): FRP lock removal on Samsung devices via a test point method.

Erase MI Cloud Xiaomi: Removal of MI Cloud account from Xiaomi devices.

Unlock Bootloader: Unlock the device's bootloader for software modifications.

Lock Bootloader: Secure the bootloader against unauthorized modifications.

Remove Demo Vivo: remove demo mode from Vivo devices.

Remove Demo Oppo/Realme: Removal of demo mode from Oppo and Realme devices.

Backup NV (Baseband): Backup of Non-Volatile data containing baseband information.

Erase NV (Baseband): Deletion of NV data for baseband repair or replacement.

Restore NV (Baseband): Restoration of NV data for baseband repair or network issue resolution.

Read Dump Preloader: Reading dump of preloader for bootloader and software loading.

Write Preloader File: Write preloader file for firmware flashing.

Read Dump Boot File: Reading dump of boot file containing the kernel and essential software.

Write Boot File: Write a boot file for software updates or repairs.

Dump System: Dumping system partition containing operating system and system apps.

Dump Full Flash. BIN: Dumping full flash of the device in .bin format.

Write Flash. BIN: Writing flash .bin file for device restoration or upgrade.

Backup OEM (Huawei): Backup of OEM data from Huawei devices.

Erase/Remove ID (Huawei): Erasing or removing ID linked to Huawei account and services.

Restore OEM (Huawei): Restoration of OEM data for Huawei device recovery.

Fix Recovery Restart: Resolution of recovery restart issue.

Boot to Meta Mode: Booting device to meta mode for communication via MTK protocol and tools.

Print GPT: Printing GUID Partition Table defining partition layout on the device.

Disable Auth: Disabling device authentication for flashing or modification.

Download MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool for MediaTek

Password:- Bader Tec


Is MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool compatible with all Windows versions?

Yes, it's compatible with all Windows versions, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Does using this tool void the device's warranty?

Using the MTK Bader Beta V1.0.0.4 Tool may void the device's warranty due to software modifications.

Can it fix hardware issues?

No, it's designed solely for software-related problems on MediaTek-based smartphones.

Is it safe to use?

While generally safe, users should follow instructions carefully to avoid risks or data loss.

Are regular updates provided?

Periodic updates may enhance functionality and address issues; users are advised to check for updates regularly.


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