DFT PRO Tool Update v3.9.5 Unisoc, Mediatek, Huawei And More 17/2/24

Deepak Potalwad

DFT PRO Tool Update v3.9.5 Unisoc, Mediatek, Huawei, And More

DFT PRO has just launched its latest update, version 3.9.5, and added exciting new features and improvements made for Unisoc, Infinix, Tecno, Itel, and some MediaTek devices with Meta mode Auth support. specifics of this update.

DFT PRO Tool Update v3.9.5 Unisoc, Mediatek, Huawei And More

Xiaomi Special

  • Enable Diag
  • Read info
  • Reboot
  • TWRP Mode
  • Wipe EFS || Backup EFS
  • Root Device || Restore EFS
  • Reset MI Account ID (New Method)
  • Repair IMEI

Mi Assistant

  • Read Info || Wipe EFS
  • Wipe Data & Storage
  • Reboot System || Unlock Bootloader Temporary
  • Wipe EFS & Downgrade Modem
  • Bypass MI Account
  • Reset FRP (Auto)
  • Downgrade Modem ENG
  • Wipe EFS New


  • Service
  • Read Information || Fix Null Baseband
  • IMEI Repair || Factory Reset
  • Reset FRP || Backup/Restore NVRAM
  • Unlock & Relock BL || Wipe NVRAM
  • Switch Meta Mode || Exit Brom Mode
  • Enable Repair Meta || Store IMEI in NVRAM
  • Bypass Mi Account || Disable Update
  • Root Device || Read/Write/Erase RPMB
  • Patch CERT/vb meta || Remove Patch

Meta Mode

  • Repair || Read Info
  • Factory Format
  • Boot Mode & Meta Mode
  • Oppo & Realme in DFT PRO Tool

  • Read Info || Reset FRP
  • IMEI Repair || Factory Reset
  • Backup/Restore NVRAM || Unlock/Relock BL
  • Switch Meta Mode || Wipe NVRAM
  • Root Device || Partition Manager
  • Unlock BL New SEC

Qualcomm in DFT PRO Tool

  • Repair
  • Flash EDL
  • QCN Tool
  • Service EDL
  • Read Info || Reset MI Account ID
  • FRP Generic || Reset Mi Account


  • Erase FRP || Userdata Erase
  • Format Manual Address


Repair Tools

  • Read Info || Reset FRP
  • IMEI Repair || Factory Reset
  • Backup/Restore NVRAM || Unlock/Relock BL
  • Switch Meta Mode || Wipe NVRAM
  • Root Device || Partition Manager
  • Unlock BL New SEC
  • Flash
  • Samsung In DFT PRO Tool


  • Reset EFS Default
  • Info & Reboot
  • Read Info || Reboot
  • Phone Call
  • Security Tools


  • Reset Screen Lock (ADB)
  • Enable All Language
  • Reset FRP & Screen Lock
  • Reset FRP || Screen Lock
  • FRP Bypass YouTube Method
  • Default URL || Custom URL
  • Alliance Shield
  • FRP


  • Reset FRP Download
  • Reset Reactivation/EE (RMM)
  • RMM Unlock
  • Disable Knox
  • Fix Demo Network


  • Reset FRP (method 1, 2, 3)
  • SPD FRP Reset
  • Reboot to Normal & Recovery Mode

What's new:

DFT PRO 3.9.5 Changelog!

This complete update means that DFT PRO remains the best smartphone software for maintenance, improving brands and models with enhanced functionality and efficiency.

Unisoc (SPRD) Exploits Update:

New features have been added for Unisoc (SPRD) devices, providing access to the following models:

  • Tiger_T606_64_v2
  • Tiger_T610_64_V2
  • Tiger_T616_64_v2

These most bypass device security, enabling users to perform various operations such as IMEI repair, FRP reset, and firmware read/write on devices from brands like Infinix, Tecno, and Itel.

Mediatek Protocol Update:

The Mediatek V6 protocol has been introduced for preloader exploits on the following Infinix and Tecno models:

  • Infinix Zero 30 4G X6731B
  • Infinix Note 30 X6833B
  • Infinix Hot 40 Pro
  • Tecno Pova 4 Pro
  • And others

This protocol allows users to bypass security measures on these devices, and perform operations like IMEI repair, FRP reset, and firmware read/write.

Meta Mode Authentication:

Meta mode authentication support has been extended to various models powered by Helio and Dimensity chipsets. This feature enables IMEI repair and factory reset in Meta mode without requiring an authentication file or server connection.

DFT PRO 3.9.4 Update Highlights:

For Xiaomi Mediatek devices, firmware writing support has been added for the Redmi 13C (Gale) and Poco C65 (Gale) models. The update also improved the Mediatek Flash interface and provides a special DA selection option for optimal device compatibility.

Infinix and Tecno Mediatek devices now feature MDM Bypass functionality, allowing users to bypass Mobile Device Management locks for unrestricted device usage.

Additionally, driver installation support for RockChip devices, along with improvements to the Mediatek driver installation process, enhances stability and compatibility across various Windows versions.

DFT PRO 3.9.3 Update Highlights:

Support for IMEI repair, FRP reset, and firmware operations has been added for specific Xiaomi Mediatek models, with cautionary notes regarding ROM versions and bootloader status.

A new tab for RockChip devices offers FRP reset and factory reset functionalities while optimizing the performance of the Xiaomi Mediatek interface.

DFT PRO 3.9.2 Update Highlights:

A new "Service EDL" tab for Huawei Qualcomm devices allows specialized operations requiring Emergency Download Mode (EDL), including Huawei account ID reset and security data management.

Support for new security in Preloader mode for MT6781 processors enhances flashing, unlocking, and repair capabilities for Infinix and Tecno devices.

Other improvements include expanded device and brand support, stability enhancements, and bug fixes.

DFT PRO 3.8.6 Update Highlights:

The advanced partition manager empowers users to manage device partitions with greater flexibility, allowing tasks like creation, deletion, resizing, and formatting.

Support for numerous new models from Realme and Xiaomi, along with the introduction of the Repair Network feature for Xiaomi devices, enhances repair capabilities.

Download Links




Download DFT PRO V3.9.2  - MEGA

Download DFT PRO V3.9.3 - Drive | MediaFire

Download DFT PRO V3.9.4 - MEGA

Download DFT PRO V3.9.5 - MEGA | Google Drive (Latest)

To utilize DFT PRO:

  • Download the latest setup version.
  • Extract and run the tool as administrator.
  • Login with registered credentials or purchase activation.
  • Access various functionalities for managing and repairing supported devices.

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