Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1 Standard Mobile Servicing Tools Update 2024

Deepak Potalwad

Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1 Standard Mobile Servicing Tools Update 2024

Welcome to the Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1 release! This mobile servicing tool has been completely rebuilt, bringing forth unique features, enhanced functionalities, and support for an extensive range of devices and SoCs. Dive into the future of mobile device maintenance with this cutting-edge release.

On the release of Infinity CM2SP3, v2.20r1 marks a significant leap forward. This completely rebuilt CM2SP3 tool introduces unique servicing methods and functions, showcasing a commitment to innovation in the realm of mobile device maintenance.

Mobile Servicing Tools Update 2024

One of the standout features of this release is the expanded support for System on Chip (SoC) and a staggering addition of 400+ new devices to the compatibility list. This broadens the tool's utility across a wide range of brands and models, making it an essential asset for technicians and enthusiasts alike.

The list of supported devices is extensive and includes popular brands such as Acer, Alcatel, Blackview, HTC, Infinix, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many more. The inclusion of diverse brands demonstrates the tool's versatility and adaptability to the ever-evolving landscape of mobile devices.

Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

1.1 Overview of Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1

1.2 Significance of the Rebuilt CM2SP3 Tool

  • Device and SoC Support

2.1 Expansion of Compatibility

2.2 Inclusion of 400+ New Devices

2.3 SoC Support: T310, T606, T609, T610, T612, T618, sc9230, sc9820, sc9832, sc9863, UMS312, UMS512, UMS9230

  • FireFly Boot Mode

3.1 Introduction to FireFly [FF] Boot Mode

3.2 Support for Standard FDL and Custom FireFly [FF] Loaders

3.3 External FDL1/FDL2 Loaders and PAC Files as Loaders

  • Advanced Device Information and Health Checks

4.1 EXTCSD EMMC Info Extraction

4.2 EMMC Chip Health Status Report

4.3 Detailed Hardware and Software Info with [Identify]

4.4 Sensitive Data Backup and Restore

  • Connectivity and Operation

5.1 Server Authentication for Operations

5.2 Hassle-Free Device Release with [Disconnect] Button

  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting

6.1 Reset FRP for Security Enhancement

6.2 Filesystem Reset Options: Userdata and Wipe

6.3 [Smart] Reset for OTA and NVRAM Issues

6.4 PAC File Information Extraction

  • User-Friendly Features

7.1 LiveBoot Mode for One-Time Boot Experience

7.2 Sound Alerts for Critical Errors

7.3 Progress Display with Decimal Separators

7.4 Operation Log Files Organization

7.5 Instant Software Screenshots with [Snap] Button

  • Additional Brand and Model Support

8.1 Inclusion of Brands: Alldocube, Cubot, Realme, Umidigi, Wiko, etc.

  • Continuous Improvement

9.1 Regular Updates Checker

9.2 Ensuring Access to Latest Features and Improvements


Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1

Mobile Servicing Tool

SoC Support

Device Compatibility

FireFly Boot Mode

FDL and FireFly Loaders

External PAC File Support

Advanced Device Information

EMMC Health Status

Connectivity and Operation

FRP Reset

Filesystem Maintenance

User-Friendly Features

LiveBoot Mode

Operation Log Files

Updates Checker

Brand and Model Support

Continuous Improvement

Security Enhancement

Software Screenshot

Here's a simple download table for the Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1 release:

Zip Password          Password 12345678 or 1111

Platform Version  Download Link

Windows v2.20r1 Download Now

Linux v2.20r1 Download Now


Choose the appropriate platform version for your operating system.

Click on the "Download Now" link to initiate the download.

Key Features:

1. FireFly Boot Mode:

  • Introducing a special FireFly [FF] boot mode for enhanced functionality.
  • Standard FDL and custom FireFly [FF] loaders are supported.
  • External FDL1/FDL2 loaders and external PAC files as loaders are also supported.

2. SoC Support:

Enhanced support for various SoCs including T310, T606, T609, T610, T612, T618, sc9230, sc9820, sc9832, sc9863, UMS312, UMS512, and UMS9230.

3. Advanced Device Information and Health Checks:

  • Extract EXTCSD EMMC info for detailed analysis.
  • EMMC chip health status report aids in the detection of faulty EMMCs.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software info available through the [Identify] function.
  • Device hardware and software info reading, sensitive data backup, and restoration.

4. Connectivity and Operation:

  • Server authentication for various operations.
  • [Disconnect] button for a hassle-free device release.

5. Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

  • Reset FRP (Factory Reset Protection) for security enhancements.
  • Filesystem reset options: userdata and wipe.
  • [Smart] reset to address OTA and NVRAM issues.
  • PAC file information extraction for comprehensive analysis.

6. User-Friendly Features:

  • LiveBoot mode for a one-time boot experience.
  • Sound alerts for critical errors during read/write operations.
  • Progress display with decimal separators for enhanced precision.
  • Operation log files stored in a dedicated /log/ directory for each session.
  • [Snap] button for instant software screenshots.

7. Additional Brand and Model Support:

An exhaustive list of supported brands including Alldocube, Cubot, Realme, Umidigi, Wiko, and more.

8. Continuous Improvement:

Regular updates checker to ensure users have access to the latest features and improvements.

Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1 sets a new standard in mobile servicing tools, combining broad device compatibility, advanced features, and user-friendly design. With a commitment to ongoing improvement, this release reinforces the tool's position as an indispensable resource for mobile device technicians and enthusiasts. Upgrade to the latest version and experience the future of mobile servicing


10.1 Infinity CM2SP3 v2.20r1 as a Standard in Mobile Servicing Tools

10.2 Future Prospects and Upgrading to the Latest Version

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