Easy-JTAG Plus Update 24.01.2024 Exciting New Features and Improvements

Deepak Potalwad

Easy-JTAG Plus Update 24.01.2024 Exciting New Features and Improvements

Hey there, Easy-JTAG Plus users! We're excited to announce the latest update, version, packed with new features and improvements to make your experience even better. Let's fall into the exciting changes that come with this update.

Easy-JTAG Plus Update 24.01.2024 Exciting New Features and Improvements

New Functions:

The latest and greatest - Easy-JTAG Plus Update 24.01.2024, version This update is loaded with exciting new features and enhancements designed to elevate your device servicing experience.

Hex Viewer/Editor:

Now you can view and edit binary data with ease, giving you more control over your files.

Huawei APP Unpacker:

Unpack Huawei apps effortlessly, making it simpler to work with files from Huawei devices.

Detect Protocol Sahara v3 (qc9008):

Improved protocol detection for Sahara v3 (qc9008), ensuring better communication with compatible devices.

Skip Write/Erase/Read Errors:

The update allows you to skip errors during Write, Erase, and Read operations, ensuring smoother processes.

Setting BlockSize for Write/Erase/Read:

Gain more flexibility by setting the block size for Write, Erase, and Read operations.

A Lot of Firehoses:

We've added a variety of firehoses to enhance the tool's compatibility with different devices.

Fixes and Improvements:

"UFS Settings" Page Improved:

Enjoy an enhanced user experience with improvements to the "UFS Settings" page.

"eMMC Settings" Page Improved:

The "eMMC Settings" page has been upgraded for smoother navigation and functionality.

"Remove FRP" Function Improved:

The "Remove FRP" function has undergone improvements, making it more effective.

Parser "Super Partition" Improved:

The parser for "Super Partition" has been refined for better performance and accuracy.

Minor Interface Changes:

We've made minor tweaks to the interface, ensuring a more user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Bug Fixes:

We've addressed bugs reported through crash reports, ensuring a more stable and reliable tool.

Download Link:

Get ready to experience these fantastic updates! You can download Easy-JTAG Plus version here.


With the Easy-JTAG Plus Update 24.01.2024, we've introduced exciting new features and made important improvements to enhance your overall user experience. Download the update now and enjoy the enhanced functionality of your Easy-JTAG Plus tool!

Download Easy-JTAG Plus Update 24.01.2024


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