HALABTECH Samsung Qualcomm updates & Halabtech collaboration

Deepak Potalwad

 Samsung Qualcomm updates & Halabtech collaboration

Samsung Qualcomm updates

With the new Halabtech Downloader, Chimera users can now seamlessly browse Halabtech's vast database of mobile phone firmware directly within our software interface.
Looking for the latest firmware for a particular phone model?
It's now just a few clicks away, allowing you to search, find, and initiate downloads using links from Halabtech.
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Improvements and fixes - Samsung

UI fix on Boot Repair panel, when the phone is a virtual device
We're trying to make the Store / Restore backup function safer by creating an automatic backup of partitions which are going to be affected by the Restore backup procedure and were never been backed up before
Fixed multiple bugs in the rooting solution of Chimera (mainly SAR 'system-as-root' phones, and phones with init_boot partition were affected)

Improvements and fixes - Generic Qualcomm

FRP Remove procedure was improved by using a better lookup algorithm for finding the FRP partition
New Qualcomm programmers were added, which made the following procedures available:
FRP Remove, Store/Restore backup, Update Firmware, Advanced Flash, Factory Reset for the following models:
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 5G (SM-F721B)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 5G (SM-F731B, SM-F731U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G (SM-F916U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G (SM-F926B)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G (SM-F936U)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 5G (SM-F946U)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite 5G (SM-G781U, SM-G781V)
Samsung Galaxy S10e (SM-G970U)
Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (SM-G975U)
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981U)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G (SM-G986U)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988U)
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (SM-G991U)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G (SM-G996U)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G998U)
Samsung Galaxy Note10 (SM-N970U)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (SM-N975U)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G (SM-N981U)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986U)
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (SM-S901U)
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (SM-S908E, SM-S908U)
Samsung Galaxy S23 5G (SM-S911B)
Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 5G (SM-S916B)
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G (SM-S918B)

Fixed a bug, where we were detecting phones connected in EDL mode as Huawei devices
Fixed an issue where Chimera encountered an error while attempting to write data to the flash chip because the size of the data was not aligned with the flash chip's sector size.

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