Download DZKJ Tool V1.0.0.51Android and iPhone repair tool

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 DZKJ Tool V1.0.0.51 Android & iPhone repair tool Download

Download DZKJ Tool V1.0.0.51

DZKJ Tool V1.0.0.51.


What is the DZKJ Tool?

DZKJ Tool includes a system for phone repair inquiries. This is a cost-effective tool created by our maintenance team. One account can support up to three computers at once. It does not require a dongle to log in, and it offers fast updates. Users can sign up for a trial. It supports a variety of phone brands, including  iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO VIVO, Xiaomi, etc. It offers schematics, PADS layout, and hardware solutions. DZKJ Tool’s team is constantly updating and adding content to make phone maintenance easier.

DZKJ Tool Latest Free Download

DZKJ Tool Latest Free Download PhoneRepair Tools

DZKJ Tool’s PhoneRepair Tools Latest Free Download is a collection of repair tools for phones developed by DZKJ. It supports multiple computers and includes a phone-repair inquiry system. The tools are fast and cost-effective, with no need for dongles.
A free trial can be registered. These tools are compatible with various phone brands, including  iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, OPPO VIVO, Xiaomi, etc. The tools also include schematics, PADS, and hardware solutions. DZKJ Tool is constantly updating and adding new content to make maintenance of phones easier for users.

Phone Repair Inquiry System:

Our maintenance makes DZKJ tools. One account supports three computers at once. Account login. No dongle is required. Cost-effective, fast update speed, register for a free trial.

Provide Schematics, PADS Layout, and Hardware Solution. We have worked hard to simplify maintenance and will continue updating.

How To Use?

  1. To begin, you must download the ZIP file using the link below.
  2. You should then remove all files on C: drive.
  3. Before you start this installation, ensure you have removed your antivirus software.
  4. Download the installation file to open the folder.
  5. Run the ” DZKJ Tool”
  6. Enjoy...

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