TF Qualcomm Tool by Techno Fayez 2023 Download Here

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TF Qualcomm Tool by Techno Fayez 2023

TF Qualcomm Tool by Techno Fayez

TF Qualcomm Tool by Techno Fayez

The TF Qualcomm Tool is a powerful and user-friendly utility designed to cater to the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or a mobile phone repair expert, this tool can make your life easier. It supports a wide range of Qualcomm chipsets, ensuring compatibility with a vast array of devices.

Tf Qualcomm Tool by Techno Fayez 2023, users can perform many kinds of operations on Qualcomm-based devices, including flashing firmware, unlocking, hard resetting, and more. The collection of Firehose files in this tool, which are used to communicate with Qualcomm processors during these operations, is one of its most important factors. So as to make the Firehose file collection provided in the changelog simpler guidance, we will organize and present it in this article as a built table.

Key features of the TF Qualcomm Tool include:

Unlocking: Easily unlock the bootloader, remove FRP locks, and bypass screen locks, providing you with the freedom to customize your device.

Flashing: Seamlessly flash custom ROMs and firmware, optimizing your device's performance and staying up-to-date with the latest software updates.

Repair: Fix common issues like IMEI, baseband, and network-related problems, ensuring your phone stays connected.

Read/Write: Efficiently read and write the firmware, enabling you to back up your device's data and modify it to your preferences.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive user interface makes the tool accessible to users of all skill levels.

Regular Updates: Techno Fayez is committed to providing consistent updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest Qualcomm chipsets.

The TF Qualcomm Tool is set to be a game-changer in the world of mobile technology, empowering users to take full control of their Qualcomm devices. With Techno Fayez's reputation for quality software tools, this latest release is expected to make waves in the industry, simplifying complex tasks and enhancing the user experience.

  • Brand       Model                      File Name                                             Description
  • Huawei Honor-50-Lite                Honor-50-Lite.mbn                        Loader file for Honor 50 Lite
  • Lenovo A2020a40                A2020a40.mbn                        Loader file for Lenovo A2020a40
  • Lenovo A6000                        A6000.mbn                                Loader file for Lenovo A6000
  • Lenovo A6010                            A6010.mbn                                Loader file for Lenovo A6010
  • Lenovo A6020a40                A6020a40.mbn                        Loader file for Lenovo A6020a40
  • Lenovo A6020a41                A6020a41.mbn                        Loader file for Lenovo A6020a41
  • Lenovo A6020a46                A6020a46.mbn                        Loader file for Lenovo A6020a46
  • Lenovo A6020i36                A6020i36.mbn                                Loader file for Lenovo A6020i36
  • Lenovo K32c36                        K32c36.mbn                                Loader file for Lenovo K32c36
  • Lenovo K33                                K33.mbn                                        Loader file for Lenovo K33
  • Lenovo K33a42                        K33a42.mbn                                Loader file for Lenovo K33a42
  • Lenovo K33b36                        K33b36.mbn                                Loader file for Lenovo K33b36
  • Lenovo K53a48                        K53a48.mbn                                Loader file for Lenovo K53a48

  • Xiaomi Various Xiaomi Models      Various                                 Loader files for Xiaomi models
  • OPPO Oppo Reno 4  Oppo Reno 4 (CPH2113) Without Auth Loader file for Oppo Reno 4
  • OPPO Oppo Reno 5  Oppo Reno 5 (CPH2159) Without Auth Loader file for Oppo Reno 5
  • OPPO Oppo Reno 6  Oppo Reno 6 (CPH2235) Without Auth Loader file for Oppo Reno 6
  • OPPO Oppo A77 A77T Oppo A77 A77T (CPH1715) Without Auth Loader file for Oppo A77 A77T
  • OPPO Realme 6 Pro Realme 6 Pro (RMX2061) Without Auth Loader file for Realme 6 Pro
  • OPPO Realme 6 Pro Realme 6 Pro (RMX2063) Without Auth Loader file for Realme 6 Pro
  • OPPO Realme 7 Pro Realme 7 Pro (RMX2170) Without Auth Loader file for Realme 7 Pro
  • OPPO Realme 8 pro Realme 8 pro (RMX3081) Without Auth Loader file for Realme 8 Pro
  • Nokia  Nokia 5               porg_nokia5_boot.elf                         Loader file for Nokia 5
  • Samsung     M01                     M01                                                 Loader file for Samsung M01
  • Samsung             Various Samsung Models         Various              Loader files for Samsung models
  • VIVO              VIVO Y71                VIVO Y71 FRP Unlock File    Loader file for VIVO Y71
  • VIVO Various VIVO Models    Various                                     Loader files for VIVO models
  • Mixed            Various                        Various                                    Mixed loader files


  • Auto Loader
  • Manual Loader
  • Read Gpt
  • Read/Backup
  • Erase partition
  • Flash (Tested)
  • FRP (Tested)
  • FRP Samsung
  • Factory Reset (Not Tested)

How to use it?

  • Download the zip file
  • Open the folder and run the "TF Qualcomm Tools.exe"
  • Connect the device to the computer
  • Select the Loader file manually
  • Choose operation
  • Do it



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