Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0 Your Key to Device Freedom Latest update

Deepak Potalwad

Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0 Your Ultimate Device Freedom Solution

Download Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0

Description Of Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0

Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0 is the ultimate solution for taking control of your devices, unlocking their full potential, and removing limitations. Whether you're a power user, a developer, or just someone who wants to unleash the true capabilities of your device, Griffin Unlocker empowers you to do more

Unlocking the full potential of your mobile devices has never been easier, thanks to Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0. This cutting-edge software tool is a powerhouse when it comes to Flashing, Reading, Unlocking the Bootloader (BL), Removing FRP (Factory Reset Protection), eliminating MDM (Mobile Device Management) restrictions, and much more. Griffin Unlocker is your one-stop solution for a wide range of devices, including MTK, Qualcomm, Kirin, Samsung, SPD, and many others.

Key Features:

Flash: Upgrade your device's firmware or install custom ROMs effortlessly. Griffin Unlocker supports a wide range of chipsets, ensuring compatibility with various device models.

Read: Gain full access to your device's data, including system files, configurations, and more. Griffin Unlocker enables you to peek behind the scenes of your device.

Unlock Bootloader (BL): Liberate your device from manufacturer restrictions and unlock its full potential. Griffin Unlocker makes it easy to gain root access and install custom recoveries.

Remove FRP (Factory Reset Protection): Bypass FRP locks, allowing you to regain control of your device after a factory reset. No more worrying about forgotten Google account credentials.

Remove MDM (Mobile Device Management): Escape corporate or school-enforced restrictions, giving you complete control over your device.

Remove Knox: Eliminate Samsung's Knox security layer to unlock additional features and customization options on your Samsung device.

IMEI Repair: Fix invalid or null IMEI numbers, ensuring your device is fully functional and recognized by your carrier.

Anti-Relock Xiaomi: Prevent Xiaomi devices from relocking after an update or reset, ensuring your unlocked state remains intact.

Remove Demo: Say goodbye to annoying demo modes on your devices. Griffin Unlocker removes demo software and restrictions, allowing you to use your device as intended.

Universal Compatibility: Griffin Unlocker is designed to work with a wide range of chipsets, including MTK, Qualcomm, Kirin, Samsung, SPD, and many others, making it a versatile tool for a variety of devices.

Why Choose Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0?

User-Friendly Interface: The software offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, ensuring that both beginners and experts can use it effectively.

Regular Updates: Griffin Unlocker is regularly updated to support new devices and address security measures.

Trusted by Professionals: Trusted by technicians, developers, and enthusiasts worldwide, Griffin Unlocker has a proven track record of performance and reliability.

New First in World Update Griffin-Unlocker

  • KG Lock Remove NEW UPDATE
  • First, in World Fix KG Remove Lock ( Knox issue false ) 🔥
  • Now Can Do KG Operation Without Use Old Apps Just via Griffin-Unlocker KG Mod App

Add More Spreadtrum/Unisoc Protocol Features Support🔥

  • Add Write.PAC Flash Firmware in Last Partitions Tab
  • Flash Firmware
  • Read/Write/Erase/Resotre Partitions
  • Read/Write/Erase RPMB
  • Remove MDM
  • Reset FRP [ ALL MODELS ]
  • Read/Write IMEI
  • Unlock Bootloader / Relock Bootloader
  • Bypass Advanced Authorization ( Auth )
  • Factory Reset bootrom, Diag

Add New Models Spreadtrum/Unisoc:-

Itel :

  • Itel S23 4G
  • Itel P17 [P551W]
  • Itel A58 Lite [A631W]
  • Itel A58 [A661W]
  • Itel Vision 3 [S661LP]
  • Itel W5005
  • Itel A509W
  • Itel L6006F
  • Itel P661W
  • Itel L5006C
  • Itel W5001P
  • Itel P651L
  • Itel W5505
  • Itel W6004
  • Itel A661L

Hisense :

  • Hisense A5 Pro
  • Hisense H60 Lite
  • Hisense H60 Smart
  • Hisense U3 2021 [HLTE100E_21]
  • Hisense U50 [U605]
  • Hisense Infinity H50 Lite
  • Hisense U40
  • Hisense E30 Lite [HLTE102E_10]
  • Hisense E60 [HLTE236E_10]
  • Hisense U964


  • BLU J9LC [J0090WW]
  • BLU C7 [250EQ]
  • BLU Studio X12 [S050EQ]
  • BLU A5L [A0050LL]
  • BLU G61 [G0450WW]
  • BLU G51 Plus [G0510WW]
  • BLU G71 Plus [G0570WW]
  • BLU M7L [M0050LL]
  • BLU Bold M6 2021 [M0080WW]
  • BLU C5L Max [C0170WW]
  • BLU G71L_64
  • BLU C5L 2021
  • BLU G5 [G0090]
  • BLU G50 Plus
  • BLU G60
  • BLU C7X

Tecno :

  • Tecno Pop 5
  • Tecno Pop 5 LTE
  • Tecno Pop 5S
  • Tecno Pop 5X
  • Tecno Pop 7_64
  • Tecno Spark 7
  • Tecno Spark 8C [KG5j-KG5k-KG5n]
  • Tecno Spark 10C

Stylo :

  • Stylo Air
  • Stylo Inkosi
  • Stylo Inkosi Pro
  • Stylo Brave

Mobicel :

  • Mobicel EPIC_1
  • Mobicel NEO_1


  • ZUUM Magno C1
  • ZUUM Akus P1
  • Accent Cameleon C5
  • Logic L61
  • Smadl Abay5 Plus
  • LAVA Iris 51 [IRIS51]
  • Orange Nola FUN
  • Multilaser M7 3G Plus
  • Masstel Tab10 4G

Download Griffin Unlocker v8.1.0

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