Download FREE Borneo Knox Erase FRP KG Fixed Error Solution Tool 2023

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Download FREE Borneo KnoxErase FRP KG Relock Fixed Error Solution Tool 2023 [ New Method ] 

FRP KG Relock Fixed Error Solution Tool

Borneo KnoxErase Tool

Our Borneo KnoxErase tool simplifies the process of erasing Factory Reset Protection (FRP) or disabling Knox on Samsung devices. Follow our step-by-step guide to effortlessly unlock your device.

To begin the unlocking process, kindly log in with your login details.

Connecting Your Device

Ensure a smooth connection to your Samsung device by following these steps

Port: SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem #3 (COM9) Connection: Click “Connect” to establish a connection.

Borneo KnoxErase Accessing Device Information

Before proceeding with the unlocking process, it’s essential to gather the necessary information about your device:

Model: SM-G960F CSC: XME BL version: G960NKOU3DTC3 AP version: G960FXXUBDTC5 CP version: [CP version] CSC version: G960FOXM8DTCS : 3596525091063122

Borneo KnoxErase Unlocking Samsung Devices

Now that you have collected the required information, let’s move on to unlocking your Samsung device using the Borneo KnoxErase tool.

Step 1: Erase FR

PErase FRP: Begin by selecting this option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Erase KG [New Method]

Erase KG [New Method] [Fix Error 204] [1] Erase KG [New Method] [Fix Error 204] [2] Erase KG [New Method] [One Click] Erase KG [New Method] [BETA]

Choose the appropriate method that suits your needs and proceed accordingly.

Step 3: Fix Relock (if necessary)

If you encounter any issues with relocking after erasing, use the provided options to resolve the problem.

Completing the Process

Once youve followed the necessary steps, your device will be unlocked, and the Factory Reset Protection will be removed.

Note: It’s essential to power on your device and connect it via USB cable during the process. Ensure a stable MTP connection for successful unlocks.


Download Borneo KnoxErase FRP KG


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