TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.5.0 significant update MDM lock issues.

Deepak Potalwad

Smartphone users can now benefit from the significant update of TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.5.0, which effectively addresses MDM lock issues.

TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.5.0,

The TFM Tool Pro SPD Module is a highly capable Windows program designed specifically for Android phones running on the Spreadturm SPD platform. It can perform various tasks such as removing FRP, unlocking pattern passwords and PIN locks, repairing IMEI numbers, reading and writing QCN files, hard resetting devices, and enabling Diag mode.

Despite being a premium program, the TFM Tool Pro SPD Module is an affordable solution for unlocking any SPD-based Android phone. To use this program, simply run the setup.exe file, put your device in Factory/Diag/USB mode, and connect it to your PC.

Then, click "Reset FRP/Unlock" to begin the process. Therefore, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to unlock their SPD-based Android phone.

TFM Tool Pro SPD Module also includes a number of other features, such as:

  • Factory Reset: This feature erases all data and settings from your device, returning it to its factory default state.
  • Factory Reset with FRP Lock: This feature resets your device to factory default settings but does not remove the FRP lock.
  • Read Info (Diag) || Factory Reset (Diag): This feature reads information about your device, such as its model number, serial number, and IMEI number. It can also be used to perform a factory reset on your device.
  • Factory Reset (Diag Old): This feature performs a factory reset on your device using the old Diag method.
  • Load Pac Firmware: This feature loads a PAC firmware file onto your device.
  • Restart After Flash: This feature restarts your device after it has been flashed.

TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.5.0 has been recently released, and it includes a number of new features, such as:

Tecno, Infinix, Itel MDM Remove Just 1Click:

This feature allows you to remove MDM locks from Tecno, Infinix, and Itel SPD-based Android phones with just one click.

Safe Imei:

This feature ensures that your IMEI number is not damaged during the MDM removal process.

Without File or Flash:

This feature allows you to remove MDM locks without using a firmware file or flashing your device.

How to Use the TFM SPD Pro Tool

  • Download the TFM Pro V1.5.0 SPD Module's latest setup version to your computer.
  • Extract the & open the extracted folder
  • Run the tool as administrator.
  • Now an installation wizard will opened
  • Then Click Next
  •  Now Install And Finish
  • Now the login window will be opened
  • Then Click on Register or Login
  • Now Purchase the Activation, it has 6months, 1 Year & 2 year Activation packages
  • After that, type your registered EMAIL ID & PASSWORD in the tool
  • Click Login

Now you can Download and use the tool on your computer.


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