Download latest version Odin Tools Universal V4.4 for free.

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Odin Tools Universal V4.4 Latest Version Free Download

Download Odin Tools Universal V4.4

Universal V4.4 Latest Version

Odin Universal is a newly developed tool with the capability to remove security features on iOS devices, including iCloud locks. It is presently accessible for free for a limited period and provides various features such as:

Features of Odin Tool V4.4

  • Bypass Hello 5s and X (12x to 16. x[12x – 16. x]: This feature lets you disable the iCloud lock on the iPhone 5s to X-powered devices that run iOS 12x-16. the x.
  • Bypass BrokenBaseband Not Signal iOS [12x -. x.x[12x – 16. x.x]: With the help of this feature, you are able to unlock iPhones with damaged baseband chips, which iCloud has restricted.
  • Secure Passcode iOS [12x-16. x(x): With this feature, you can unlock iPhones with iOS 12. x to 16. x without using a passcode.
  • The Open iOS Bypass Menu [12x-16. *x]: With the use of this feature, you are able to bypass various functions and unlocks from the iPhone device.
  • Purple Mode and Boot Purple without DSCD [12x 16. x.x[12x – 16. x.x]: This feature lets you start the iPhone device in Purple Mode without using a DSCD cable.
  • DFU erase iOS [12x 16.1.1 – 16.1.1[12x – 16.1.1]: The firmware of the iPhone device is removed through this feature. It also resets it back to its factory state.

Odin Tools Universal V4.4

  • Repairing info automatically.sisv [12x 16. x – 16. The description of the feature is: This feature automatically repairs the information. sisv file on your iPhone device.
  • Pwndfu Integrated Windows fixes: This feature includes various solutions that address the Pwndfu issue in Windows devices.
  • SSH Failures 0:This feature prevents SSH zero Failures from occurring on iPhone devices.
  • Good design: Odin Universal has an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Block OTA and erase data. The feature blocks OTA updates as well as erases all data stored on iPhone devices.
  • Support Boot Checkm8-iPwnder The Lite Eclipsa Gaster Odin Universal has support for various bootloaders and jailbreak tools.
  • Auto removes silent ( FMI OFF On Any Device): This feature automatically eliminates the silent mode on iPhone devices.
  • iPad SSN Generator (Wifi – BT (SN): This feature generates a brand new Serial Number for iPad devices.
  • Find FMI StatusThis tool checks the status of FMI on iPhone devices.
  • Check CarrierThis tool checks for the carriers of iPhone devices.
  • Check for Clean/Lost: This feature checks whether an iPhone device is in good condition or has been lost.
  • MDM not jailbreakable: This feature allows you to delete MDM from iPhone devices without jailbreaking them.

Free Trial

The trial version for free is available for Odin Universalis offered for a limited period of time. To download the trial for free, just visit Odin Universal’s website. Odin Universal site and install the most recent version. Or, you can follow the link below to get a direct download.

How to Download

Downloading is easy. follow the instructions to download the tool onto your computer. Once you’ve downloaded the tool, you can begin unlocking your device. is a powerful tool designed to unlock your Android device. To Only ( Download Link)  simply follow the steps below.

Download Odin Tools Universal V4.4 for free.


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