TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3 has been released Download here

Deepak Potalwad

TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3 has been released

TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3

New Models are Added

  • CRD Reduced-More than expected!
  • Bug's Fixed.
  • Improved the Protocol.

New Added Model's list here:

  • Walton Orbit Y20
  • Vivo V29-PD2283
  • Infinix X6739-GT 10 Pro(Auth)
  • Tecno 0_MT6768_Tecno_Auth_V3
  • Tecno 0_MT6833_Tecno_V1(Auth)
  • Walton R10


  • Vivo free Auth service "Transferring control to DA...Failed" issue fixed on some devices.
  • (Like: Y22, Y27, Y33S)
  • -Vivo MTK 2023 Latest Security, The most wanted exclusive model's now supported totally free.
  • -Supported with Preloader Mode, No need Brom Port, No need Credit, No need Auth Online, No need Test Point.
  • -Supported Features: Factory Reset with FRP, FRP Reset, Demo Remove, Flash, Load Partitions., Read Info, and more..

TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3

Auth Free Models Supports List:

  • Y01-Auth Free
  • Y1s-Auth Free
  • Y02-Auth Free
  • Y02A-Auth Free
  • Y02t-Auth Free
  • Y02s-Auth Free
  • Y3-Auth Free
  • Y3s-Auth Free
  • Y5s-Auth Free
  • Y7s-Auth Free
  • Y10-Auth Free
  • Y12-Auth Free
  • Y12s-Auth Free
  • Y15s-Auth Free
  • Y15a-Auth Free
  • Y15-Auth Free
  • Y16-Auth Free
  • Y17-Auth Free
  • Y19-Auth Free
  • Y20-Auth Free
  • Y20G-Auth Free
  • Y21-Auth Free
  • Y22-Auth Free
  • Y27-Auth Free
  • Y30-Auth Free
  • Y30i-Auth Free
  • Y30G-Auth Free
  • Y33s-Auth Free
  • Y52 5G-Auth Free
  • Y53s 4G-Auth Free
  • Y54s-Auth Free
  • Y55 5G-Auth Free
  • Y55s 5G-Auth Free
  • Y56 5G-Auth Free
  • Y72 5G-Auth Free
  • Y75 5G-Auth Free
  • Y76 5G-Auth Free
  • Y81-Auth Free
  • Y81D-Auth Free
  • Y81s-Auth Free
  • Y83-Auth Free
  • V15 Auth_Free
  • V17 Neo-Auth Free
  • V21E 5G-Auth Free
  • V25 Pro 5G-Auth Free
  • X70 Pro 5G-Auth Free

Paid Models With 2RCD Devices:

  • V23E Auth 2crd
  • V25E Auth 2crd
  • V27 Auth 2crd
  • V27E Auth 2crd
  • V27 Pro_Auth 2crd
  • V21 5G_Auth 2crd
  • X80 Auth 2crd
  • X90 Auth 2crd
  • X90 Pro_Auth 2crd


The TFM Tool Pro Team

TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.9.3



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