Download RomFw iRAM Windows Tool [iCloud Bypass One Click FREE] -2023

Deepak Potalwad

 Download RomFw iRAM Windows Tool [iCloud Bypass One Click FREE] -2023

RomFW Iram

Features RomFw iRAM Tool:


The Ramdisk menu allows users to check their device, PWNDFU, backup activation, boot the device, and restore activation.

Hello Screen Options:-

The Hello Screen Options allow users to bypass the iCloud lock screen, open the menu, and fake FMI OFF

More Functions:-

 RomFw iRAM also includes OTA Block, Erase, SysCFG, and Boot Purple functions.

Optional Settings:-

 Users can select or deselect USB Serial, No SN, 16. xx, and ECID Number settings.

How to bypass iCloud?

  • First, you need to download the tool and extract on desktop
  • Run the exe "RomFw iRAM v1.exe
  • First Click on DFU Helper and boot the device into "DFU Mode"
  • Next, Click on the Check Device and follow the next instructions in ROMFW iRAM Tool.
  • Next run PWNDFU and once process is complete follow next step
  • Click on the BOOT Device button and wait for process completed
  • Next you can click on the Hello bypass button to bypaas the activation lock.
  • Enjoy!

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