All Samsung Frp Unlock One Click | Muslim Odin Tool

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All Samsung Frp Unlock One Click | Muslim Odin Tool

All Samsung Frp Unlock One Click | Muslim Odin Tool

The Muslim ODIN Tool V1.0 is a small tool for windows. The Muslim Odin tool was released and also created by Ali Hassani. Accessible in portable mode with this unit. Without the installation process, this tool helps users to activate a single-click Samsung smartphone FRP. FRP File, PIT File, ADB Allow File were included with the Muslim Odin tool.

Features Muslim OdinTool:

  • File FRP
  • ADB Triggers File
  • File PIT
  • Rebooting ADB
  • Re-Partitions
  • Erase Nand
  • F-Time Reset
  • Flash Flash Look
  • Data Decompress
  • MD5 Package
  • Grow PIT
  • ADB Making
  • Installing Drivers
  • MTP Reset Factory
  • FRP ADB Reset
  • 300K For Mode Downloading
  • Download Mode Exit
  • Star and Button Stop

Compatibility: This method works well on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 systems.

Take a backup: If you are willing to try the tool above, please take a backup from your Android smartphone or tablet of your personal data. The system can be bricked when flashing some Firmware or recovery.

Credits: The creator develops and distributes the Muslim ODINTool. So for sharing the tool for free full credits go to the developer


Name:- Samsung Frp Tool & Flashing
Size :- 103.2Mb
Password:- softwarecrushs
Download:- Link


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