MTK Tool V2.51 WWR - MediaTek Scatter Stock ROM Modifier

Deepak Potalwad

MTK Tool V2.51 WWR  - MediaTek Scatter Stock ROM Modifier

MTK Tool v2.51 WWR working condition Rom modifier Mediatek Scatter Download For Free

MTK Tool V2.51 WWR is a powerful tool that can prove to be a game-changer for those who like to modify MediaTek-based Android stock ROMs, MTK Tool V2.51, often referred to as WWR (WriteIMEI, WriteSN, and Write custom NVRAM), is designed for MediaTek-powered devices.

MediaTek chipsets are widely used in smartphones and other gadgets, making this tool invaluable for many users. Scatter files are a crucial component in the MediaTek ecosystem, as they contain partition information for the device's internal storage.

With MTK Tool V2.51 WWR, users can modify these scatter files, enabling a wide range of customizations. You can write IMEI numbers, serial numbers (SN), and customize the NVRAM (Non-Volatile Random Access Memory) settings. This flexibility is particularly useful for users who wish to repair or restore their devices, fix baseband issues, or unlock advanced features.

MTK Tool V2.51

  • MediaTek Scatter
  • Stock ROM Modifier
  • Android firmware
  • MediaTek devices
  • Custom ROM development
  • Flashing tool
  • Scatter file editing
  • Firmware modification
  • Device customization
  • Android software tweaking
  • Mobile device maintenance
  • MediaTek chipset support
  • ROM backup and restoration


  1. Pulls Preloader.bin from the dump of the ROM file.
  2. You can cut out a specific portion of the reading memory.
  3. Cut the ROM file into parts based on the Scatter file.
  4. Comparison of scatters firmware/stock ROM and preloader files.
  5. Finds PMT, PGPT (SGPT) sections.
  6. Creates a scatter file based on the PMT, PGPT (SGPT) information sections.
  7. Calculates the name of partitions, their starts, and lengths from Recovery_log.
  8. Works on ADB. Creates backup copies of partitions (if you have root rights).
  9. Create a scatter file for root-privileged devices on the MTK platform.
  10. Backup firmware of any Android devices (root required).
  11. Cuts unnecessary sectors from a read memory dump from phones with NAND memory.
  12. Browse EXT4 partitions in the ROM file itself, and extract files (only files) from EXT4 to ROM.
  13. Creation of empty EXT4 partitions, for a given length, the ability to convert to sparse image.
  14. Create empty partitions or files filled with zeros or random numbers.
  15. When you open the ROM file, instantly view the partition table GPT, PMT, MBR

What Is the WWR MTK Tool?

The abbreviation of WWR MTK is working with ROM MediaTek. WWR MTK Tool is a MediaTek scatter firmware modifier program. Which works with ROM files read from the device using the SP Flash tool based on MTK processors.
This is a Windows operating system program developed in English and Russian, designed by Ilya.
When the user launches the program, an advertisement message will appear on the screen for 120 seconds. If you want to stop the startup waiting message, "Tired of waiting for constant pause? Donate to the project, and there will be no pause!" So you have to buy this tool by donating 10$ to the developer

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