Pixel 3 XL Flash Tool crosshAtchDB V2.0 Free Download Working (Open Source Tool)

Deepak Potalwad

Pixel 3 XL Flash Tool crosshAtchDB V2.0 Free Download Working (Open Source Tool)

Pixel 3 XL Flash Tool crosshAtchDB V2.0

  1. Install ADB
  2. Unlock bootloader
  3. Reboot to bootloader
  4. Download and install factory images
  5. Download and install TWRP
  6. Download Magisk
  7. Easy to use GUI
  8. ADB logcat
  9. Reboot ADB server
  10. Kill ADB server
  11. Nothing gets installed to your system, no drivers, registry entries, not even
  12. any changes to your path.
  13. The idea is that you can use this tool anywhere on any PC, then remove it
  14. without leaving a trace.

New Features

This tool is completely free and I removed any links for donation, I made this
a tool as a project to learn more about python and also for my own usage, especially
when I jump from different desktops/laptops in my home, I just thought I would share it.
It provides all resources for our phones in a single portable application that runs on any windows 7/windows 10 machines.
It does not require admin rights, it is a standalone program that does not install itself, so rest easy.
Place it on your phone or USB drive and bring it anywhere with you.
If you run into any trouble, try and copy/paste any errors you get or provide a screencap.
The download is only a 7.5mb file. Portable and written %100 in Python, added modules for web scraping(BeautifulSoup and requests)

All new GUI inspired by dark material design and 'pixel blue' accent
Refactored most of the codebase
Better threading support
Open source code

Password:- softwarecrush

Download Here

All In One Tool


First of all, we didn’t make these tools. This tool is created and distributed by the XDA Developers. full credits go to them.

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