Droid Screen v1.1 Free Download 1.92 - Tested clean (Working 100%)

Deepak Potalwad

Droid Screen v1.1 is a small mobile phone tool which can capture screenshots from your Android-powered mobile phone or tablet.The usage of the program is pretty simple but it is important to have ADB installed. In our case, we got Droid@Screen running with "Minimal ADB and Fastboot". When you start Droid@Screen, you should specify the location of the adb.exe file

Droid Screen v1.1 Free Download 1.92 - Tested clean (Working 100%)

USB Debugging is also required to be activated when you connect your phone. Once the initial connection occurs, you should tap "Allow" on the device in order to allow Droid@Screen to interface with your screen

When everything is connected, Droid@Screen offers a few useful functions for capturing the image or video on your device screen. A number of different buttons are available which can have Droid@Screen capture and save the images such as changing the orientation, create video recordings, rotate, etc.Download Here

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