MTK Firmware Adapter Latest Tool Version 2K19 Free Download

Deepak Potalwad

MTK Firmware Adapter Tool is installing six different file on a system while the installation. Those files are MTK firmware adapter tool, Lonic.Zip.Dll, AdbWinApi.Dll, AdbWindUsbApi.Dll, ADB.EXE, and Uninstall.EXE.  This tool is best to porting MTK ROMs. There are different MTK projects in this tool that supports to porting firmware like MT6577 to MT6577, MT6575 to MT6575, and  MT6572 to MT6572 etc. It is also helpful to create projects ROM porting from MT6589 to MT6577 etc

MTK Firmware Adapter Latest Tool  Version 2K19 Free Download

Port Mediatek firmware of any device for any other Mediatek Smartphone

Port firmware from MT6575, MT6577, MT6589 and many more Mediatek Chipsets

  1. Download latest version file from Below Link
  2. Run downloaded file and change language to “English”
  3. You can select a project and edit for your phone/ device
  4. You can get files from Zip ROM, FT ROM, folders or phone
  5. Port your files from ROM
  6. If you need edit repack boot.img, build.prop, and updater-script
  7. Build a ROM and flash it
  8. Congrats, you have everything
  9. Have any problem follow this XDA forum link above

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