ZZ Key blackberry 0.07 full cracked free

Deepak Potalwad

ZzKey Blackberry module is mainly for unlocking, repairing and flashing. I could not get much information over the web but whenever you might need a blackberry module you can call up on this tool and give it a try.
Known Bug:
For calculate unlock codes. I think it silently tries to read from server and no response gives bogus unlock code. You can always read code direct with USB or use some third party software to calculate codes. Also when you click stop, it doesn't show stopped but operation stopped, just not showing. Once click stop, just continue using any other operation.  Any additional bug found. Then click on our facebook page and contact us.
Download free
How to use:
1.  Download and install
2.  Run shortcut on desktop
3.  Click start on loader
4.  Done!

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