SFT Dongle v1.0.14 Latest Crack Free Download

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SFT Dongle v1.0.14 Latest Crack Free Download

SFT Dongle v1.0.14 Cracked Version is release now download and use Free and without any dongle box require. This dongle is a multi-platform dongle that can do a wide variety of operations such as FRP Removal, Read pattern, flash and a lot more. 

SFT Dongle 3.1.4 Cracked. 19:01 GSM Software 25 Comments. Hello! Today we're releasing SFT Dongle v3.1.4 SFT Dongle v1.0.14 latest crack SFT Dongle Xiaomi Edition Latest Cracked SFT Dongle 3.14 Latest CrackSFT Dongle 3.14 crack download, SFT Dongle 3.14 tool pro crackSFT Dongle 3.14 loader download, SFT SFT Dongle v1.0.14 Release 18-07-2018What News :- New Task Qualcomm - Vivo FRP - Oppo FRP- New loader [Qualcomm]- New Boot [Qualcomm]- Write/Read Qualcomm (Fix Issue)- Xiaomi Mi cloud (Fix Issue)- Auto Reboot After Flash (Fix Issue)- Diag Enable (Fix Issue)- ADB Error (Fix Issue)- UFS Flash (Fix Issue)SAMSUNG- Md5 Check Error (Fix Issue)- Manual Partition (Fix Issue) 

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